Graco LineLazer IV 200HS Hydraulic Airless Line Striper


LineLazer IV 200HSHydraulic Airless Line Striper

For medium to large jobs that demand line perfection everytime

The LineLazer IV 200HS is the preferred hydraulic workhorse airless striping machine for your most demanding jobs. Materials sprayed are most heavy, low VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints. This sprayer is ideal for your continuous, heavy-duty line striping requirements.

• The preferred hydraulic workhorse airless striper for the most demanding jobs.
• One gun or two gun options available
• Smart Control Digital Tracking provides consistent spraying pressure, reducing pulsation & line variations
• Ideal for continuous, heavy-duty line striping requirements  
LineLazer IV 200HS Cooling System
  • High-capacity cooling system features a 20% larger hydraulic fluid reservoir to keep the system running cool.
  • Innovative cooling fins wrap down and under the reservoir.
  • Cooling fan design delivers nearly 70% more air flow to the hydraulic pump.
  • Improved belt alignment for longer belt life.
  • Advanced Vibration Reduction System eliminates engine vibration for better line quality.
  • Rear gun mount allows placement of the guns closer to the rear axle for straighter long lines and smoother curved lines.
  • Lightweight gun holder minimizes gun movement caused by rough pavement.
  • Chromex pump rod is built for the most demanding applications.
  • Flow-through Easy Out filter comes out with the cap for convenient, mess-free access.