Gema OptiFlex 2 L - Lab Powder Coating Unit


Laboratory Units

Lab Unit
Laboratory Units
OptiFlex®2 L

The perfect solution for laboratory powder coating applications is OptiFlex®2 – L Lab unit. Designed for short runs, the Lab Unit features a three-pound fluidizing powder hopper and is easily cleaned between color changes. The OptiFlex®2 - L is mounted on a heavy-duty tabletop stand


Cup Unit

Laboratory Units

OptiFlex®2 C

Designed for small sample testing or powder manufacturers, the Cup Unit incorporates the application cup to the gun. The cup is self-fluidizing and is easy to clean, making color changes fast and easy.

Funnel Unit

Laboratory Units

OptiFlex®2 CF

The OptiFlex®2 CF is the perfect solution for lab use, powder quality control and the coating of small quantities / small sized samples. Thanks to the integrated PowerClean technology, semi-automated cleaning can be achieved in less than 20 seconds.