Gema Powder Pump OptiFeed PP06


OptiFeed Pump PP06: efficient and clean

Ideal solution to feed large quantities of fresh or recovered powder over long distances with little compressed air.

 Main Features Overview

OptiFeed Pump PP06

An unique powder feed technology

OptiFeed use an innovative technology that allows to convey powder with a m inimum quantity of air over long distances.


OptiFeed Pump PP06




Gentle powder conveying

The low conveying speed in the hoses maintains the powder in the ideal conditions for the application process.

OptiFeed Pump PP06






Automatic cleaning program

The OptiFeed pumps are provided with an automatic function that can be activated by a signal to empty the powder hoses and clean the pump.










Ideal for organic, metallic and enamel powders

OptiFeed pumps are very versatile and can be used with a wide range of organic, metallic and clearcoat and even with enamel powders.

 OptiFeed Pump PP06 monitoring system










Easy maintenance, with interval monitoring

OptiFeed pumps require minimum maintenance and are provided with a monitoring system that is telling you when service is needed.

OptiFeed Pump PP06








Easy to integrate into any powder system

OptiFeed pumps are the ideal solution to feed fresh or recovery powder. They can be easily adapted to any existing powder coating line.