Graco SmartWare Shot Dispense Kit


SmartWare Technology

SmartWare Shot Dispense Kit

Turn your supply system pump into a dosing system

The SmartWare Shot Dispense Kit contains everything you need to convert your existing Graco pump into a dosing system. It's an accurate, economical way to dose material – saving you time, material and labor costs. Compatible with DuraFlo or CheckMate pumps with NXT Air Motor technology and most Graco Supply Systems
  • Allows you to dose a preset amount of single-component material with your Graco pump
  • A great alternative to manual methods such as mechanical counters, scales or custom systems
  • An economical alternative to fully automated systems
  • Shot size ranges from 6 cc's to 1000 gal (3,785 L)
  • Accuracy ranges from 0.25 to 4%, depending on material and shot size
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