Graco TrueCoat X-Force HD Airless Sprayer

  • Heavy-Duty Cordless Airless Sprayer
  • Optimized for Protective and Marine Coatings, this heavy-duty cordless airless sprayer is ideal for spot repair, touch-up and small jobs spraying protective coatings and corrosion control material

A quality airless finish wherever you need it!

  • ProConnect Pump Removal and Installation System
    • Allows you to remove and replace the pump in seconds!
    • A must have when dealing with high performance coatings
  • FullFlo Pressure Control
    • Fully adjustable to achieve the finish you need
    • Optimized for both heavy and thin coatings
    • Easy to read dial
  • Patented ProSpray Technology
    • Consistent, even spray pattern for one-coat coverage
    • Comparable performance to Graco's large airless sprayers
    • Accepts standard professional Graco RAC tips
    • Pro Quality Finish - Expert Results
  • 28V High Power Lithium-Ion Power Pack Battery
    • Designed for maximum power to spray the most demanding materials
    • Able to spray up to 1 gallon per battery charge
  • ProGuard
    • Built-in protection system continually monitors sprayer operation
    • Dual LED indicators provide instant feedback while spraying
    • Automatically shuts sprayer off to protect from thermal overload or excessive pressure
  • Spray-N-Throw Cup System
    • Disposable 48 oz lid and liner system offers unmatched convenience
    • Simply use and dispose – no cleanup!
    • Sealed cup sprays at any angle – even sprays upside down!
  • HD Storage Case
    • Tough, high-impact case is durable to handle the toughest jobsite abuse
    • Convenient carrying from job-to-job
    • All-in-one storage case protects all components inside
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