Binks DVP 1:1 Ratio Diaphragm Pump Packages

The Binks DVP is a high specification, air powered 1:1 ratio diaphragm pump developed for the direct supply of paints & materials to spray guns
Choice of cart, Wall & tripod mounted packages and outfits
Binks DVP is perfect for use will ALL types of spray gun technologies including Conventional, Compliant, Trans-Tech, HVLP & Electrostatic
Rapid fluid delivery of up to 17 litres per minute.
The design ensures a constant and virtually pulse free fluid delivery for direct feed to spray guns without the expense and complications of a fluid regulator or surge chamber.

The Binks DVP range features bare pumps, assembled pump packages and complete ready to spray outfits matched with the renowned DeVilbiss Advance HD or FLG-5 spray guns.

Binks DVP is perfect for use with ALL TYPES of spray gun technologies including, Conventional, Compliant Trans-Tech. HVLP, LVLP and Electrostatic.

Binks DVP ready assembled spray outfits including spray gun

The Binks DVP spray outfits are available with either DeVilbiss Advance HD Trans-Tech or FLG5 Trans-Tech spray guns. They are delivered fully complete and ready to use apart from connecting the guns and hoses as necessary.